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Jeff Mottle

Jeff Mottle is the Founder of CGarchitect Digital Media Corporation, the leading online magazine and user community for architectural visualization professionals. He also co-founded the CGschool, the only school to cater exclusively to architectural visualization professionals. Having worked in the industry since 1996, Jeff has been involved in developing and speaking at conferences around the world including: Mundos Digitales, IMAGINA, VisMasters DMVC and the American Society for Architectural Illustrators conference (ASAI). He is immersed in many areas of the industry and actively pursues initiatives that help promote the growth of the field, including CGarchitect’s yearly Architectural Visualization competition and 3D Awards.

Jeff is a published author for 3DATS/CGschool and an expert in color management. He has written articles for 3Dworld Magazine and has been quoted in Business week. He frequently acts as an expert judge in industry competitions and publications, including Ballistic Publishing’s EXPOSE and ELEMENTAL books. He was also awarded the Joe Greco Community Award – the CAD Society’s Top honor in 2012.

Before leaving production, he worked for a number of companies including London based design communications firm, Smoothe, as North American Production Director. Jeff also helped develop and manage the visualization department for one of the world’s largest office solutions providers. He most recently worked as business development manager for VisMasters, an online software marketing and resource company for design visualization professionals.


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