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You want to CREATE and COMMUNICATE, not learn a new set of tools.


So don’t deal with SDK’s in-house, we’ve already done all the work.

Just export and upload your model. Done.

Building Conversation gives you the opportunity of switch instantly between your 3 viewing modes to optimize the conversation between you and your other users. Our user friendly interface allows you to toggle from one view to the other, according to whether you want to see the model in context, to visualize it in front of you in a hologram, or to quickly check it in a 3D rendered view.

Switch between 3 View Modes

Walk out to the site and see your design full scale in place with accurate light and shadow; or publish it free to the public complete with a customizable survey.

Quick and easy to preview your project in the office or on the road.

Your instant virtual table-top model can replace or enhance your existing "foam core" version, saving you time and money.


Building Conversation's App is currently free on the Apple Store. The App comes with 3 free sample models that you can download and view in Augmented Reality, Turntable and Hologram View. Download the app and the FAQ pdf to see how it works. Go to "Contact Us" for more information on how to upload your own projects.

Augment 3D Models

With Building Conversation you can import your files from your 3D modeling environment of preference, and instantly visualize it in its actual geolocation. The app is compatible with most of the CAD programs, including:

Customizable User Interface

Lighting Controls

Automatically matches the time of day and sun angle but you can override these if you wish.

Position Controls

Rotate, translate and scale your design freely with finger controls or precisely with numerical input.

Load multiple versions of your design concurrently and toggle through them in real time.

Different Model Versions

Display accurate shadows cast from your virtual structure onto the real world.

Shadow Toggle

You can use our customizable UI to navigate through a number of options for viewing and optimizing your experience.

All UI features are customizable to fit your project's needs.

Just tell us what data you need to integrate into your geolocated project

and see it visualized in AR!


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